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Last updated on Wednesday, 17 April 2024 at 09:10am

Coding in the open

The UKHSA Data Dashboard team uses GitHub to manage its code and deployments for all the services managed as part of its product. All code is publicly accessible and can be found on the links listed below.

Data dashboard frontend

The UKHSA Data Dashboard Frontend is built with Next.js, utilizing the GOV.UK Frontend and adhering to the GOV.UK Design System (GDS) principles to deliver a robust and accessible data visualisation platform.

To access the repository follow the link below.

Data dashboard api

The UKHSA Data dashboard API codebase contains several services as part of a separately deployable monolith. The services include:

  • private metrics API: for the metrics associated with health threat incidence
  • public metrics API: Provides a view of data associated with health threat information
  • content management system: To provide the means of serving content to the dashboard
  • feedback API: To send emails to a designed email address for user feedback
  • ingestion module: Used to ingest incoming data and populate the metrics database

This is a Django and Wagtail project. The REST API is served via Django-Rest-Framework

To access the repository follow the link below.

Data dashboard infrastructure

The UKHSA Data Dashboard Infra codebase contains the infrastructure to bootstrap our AWS accounts and deploy an instance of the UKHSA Data Dashboard application.

The tooling for this project uses Terraform for IaC as well as custom built tooling.

To access. the repository follow the link below.

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