Last updated on Thursday, 5 October 2023 at 04:37pm

What's coming

We regularly update the dashboard with new data and features. Here we'll show a timeline of upcoming dashboard changes.

Geographical data

We’ll be adding geographical data to the dashboard in the form of a region selector. Users will be able to select available data for different geographical regions:

  • UKHSA regions are used for cases and testing
  • ONS (Office for National Statistics) regions are used for deaths
  • NHS regions are used for healthcare statistics

Public API enhancement

The dashboard API can currently be used to query data related to a specific data type, metric and geographical area. To increase flexibility of the API and allow easier comparisons across the data, we’re going to be making it easier to select multiple features within the data.

Metrics documentation

We’ll be adding detailed information about the data metrics shown on the dashboard. This will cover:

  • definition (what the metric is)
  • rationale (why we’re showing the metric)
  • methodology (how the metric is collected and calculated)
  • caveats (anything additional that’s needed to know to understand what the metric is showing)

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